Grand Prix of Qatar (3rd day): The comments of the MotoGP riders

Publicado: 7 abril, 2013 en MotoGP World Championship (english)
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JORGE LORENZO (1st – Yamaha Factory Racing): “I’m really happy, for three or four laps we pushed to the limit. I knew Cal was really fast over one lap so I had to push to the maximum. I’m very happy with this pole position. The important thing is that the Yamaha works here at this track. I think for the first time of the new qualifying format it has been very positive and for the fans it is very good to watch. For the riders you are a little more nervous and you have less time to make a fast lap. I knew I was competitive but the ten minutes before the qualifying we had some problems with the set-up of the bike so it was more difficult to make the time. We had to change to yesterday’s setting. The important thing is to make a good start tomorrow. The last simulations I made were better than yesterday so I’m quite confident for the start. If there are problems in the first laps we have to be patient and wait for the middle of the race.”

CAL CRUTCHLOW (2nd – Monster Yamha Tech 3): “It is a very positive way to be starting the first race from the front row of the grid and thanks to my Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Team because I had a great bike underneath me tonight. I was confident going into QP2 of being able to challenge for the front row because I was fastest in FP4 and the bike felt like it was working really well. I must admit the15-minute format is really exciting and I think it is great for the Championship and for the fans. I’d have liked it to have been only 10 minutes long because that would have put me on pole position! But credit to Jorge because he pulled a brilliant time out of the bag, though I am really satisfied because starting from the front row is always important. It is going to be a very difficult race but I am ready for it. I think there are six of us that can be fighting for the podium and I will cer tainly be giving it my all to make sure I am one of them.”

DANI PEDROSA (3rd – Repsol Honda): “Today we were able to improve a lot and take a front row start for tomorrow. It is important to start high up the grid whenever you can, because there are some very fast riders up against us. We still need to improve a few things with the bike and I hope that we can have a good race. The key will be to choose a good tyre compound and find a strong pace.”

ANDREA DOVIZIOSO (4th – Ducati Team): “I’m very pleased to make the second row, just a few tenths from first place. I didn’t expect to do a 1m 55.1s lap, or especially to be so close to Lorenzo. “It was nice to have a good feeling with the bike when I tried to push hard with a new tyre in the last laps. I’m really happy with the work that the team did this weekend because we were able to make it to qualifying with a perfect electronics setup, so we were quickly able to use the bike to its full potential. Starting from the second row will be important for the race,” he said. “I still have some big question marks for the race because everything is still new for me, but I’m very motivated for tomorrow. We’ll see how things are in the race.”

STEFAN BRADL (5th – LCR Honda): “The fifth position is our target because the rivals are very strong in every circuit and in every condition, so we must be very happy with our performance today. During the free practice 4 we improved our set-up and our front-end feeling which was the key for going faster. I was not completely happy so we made another adjustment before the QP and we have been lucky because it worked good. This new qualifying system made everybody nervous but, at the end, it has been exciting. All the riders used the same strategy and there was a lot of traffic but we will get used to this and I think it’s more fun for our fans”.

MARC MARQUEZ (6th – Repsol Honda): “Today was my first MotoGP qualifying session and the first time that we’d had the short 15 minute run, but the result was what we had expected. I still need a bit of explosivity and to push hard from the start. We got the sixth fastest time, as on the opening two fast laps I made mistakes and we lost some thousandths of a second. That is something that we have to improve. We still have the warm up tomorrow, in which we need to continue working on our pace and from there, we need to choose the best tyre for the race. The important thing will be to make a good start and see what happens.”

VALENTINO ROSSI (7th – Yamaha Factory Racing): “The qualifying was not fantastic for us, especially as we lost the second row. Our performance during free practice was better than this, we’ll wait for tomorrow. Unfortunately in the qualifying session with the second tyre where we had to improve I was stuck in traffic so I could not improve my lap time and I lost some positions. For sure tomorrow it becomes more difficult to start from further behind but we have a good pace so we can be quite competitive.”

ALVARO BAUTISTA (8th – Go&Fun Honda Gresini): “The new qualifying format was good fun but in fifteen minutes you don’t have time to make any mistakes,” he explained. “I didn’t have much feel for the front tonight and we tried to fix it, but we’re still not happy. My pace on used tyres isn’t bad so we’ll try to improve the setting in the warm-up and I’m confident that if we make a good start I can run with the front group. The race is long and this track isn’t easy, so anything could happen but we’ll see!”

BRADELY SMITH (9th – Monster Yamaha Tech 3): “I was really happy to make it into QP2, so to claim a place on the third row for my first MotoGP race is an incredible feeling. I’m particularly pleased because I only used one soft tyre in the 15-minute session and it looks like everybody else set their best time on their second soft tyre. I used an extra one last night in FP3 to make sure I made into the top 10 for QP2 and I want to keep another soft tyre for the Warm-up session to give me some feeling ahead of the race tomorrow night. So to be on the third row is better than I expected and to be in front of Nicky (Hayden) is a bonus. Hopefully tomorrow night I will be able to get in a battle. That’s the best way for me to learn how to ride this bike more and gain more experience, and I don’t have a target other than that.”

ANDREA IANNONE (10th – Energy T.I. Pramac Racing Team): “Unfortunately, after riding in Q1, I only had one soft tyre left for Q2, or I probably could have done something better. Along with my team, I want to understand how to change my riding, because I have some problem in tight corners. However, I improved my time in every session, and I think that’s absolutely a positive. My goal now is to finish the race inside the top ten.”

NICKY HAYDEN (11th – Ducati Team): “In the first run, I had a lot of chatter from out of nowhere. I went back out, and right when I went to start my hot lap, the other guys were pulling out of the pits, and I just made too many mistakes in the traffic. I’m certainly not thrilled, especially because last year I was one second faster in qualifying. It was a poor job by me when it counted, but credit to Andrea for a really good session. I think our setups are very similar, but we’ll definitely have to check his data.”

ALEIX ESPARGARO (12th – Power Electronics Aspar Team): “Although we still have the most important part ofthe weekend to come, things are already going really well here. It’s crucial tostart the season charged up, motivated and working hard. Myself and the teamare so pleased and we want to make the most of this in the race. We had the newformat of qualifying and it was great to get through to the second round. Inaddition to that we have a good race pace and with this good work under ourbelts we want to continue as top CRT. The new qualifying sessions werebrilliant as you have to perform well from the word go, with less traffic ontrack, so it’s also great for the spectators.”

BEN SPIES (13th – Ignite Pramac Racing Team): “The session was going okay for us at first. We were just working on race setup with old tyres on from yesterday, and we actually started to get faster and gain some confidence. Then I just got into turn 2 too hot and I grabbed a lot of front brake and went down at pretty good speed. Fortunately, we were able to get up and go out with the second bike. The problem was that the back of the bike had a completely different setting, and I couldn’t get up to the same speed that I was at before and get into Q2. Overall, it was good to get back on the bike, and it was good that we were getting up to speed. I’m sorry for the team, and we’ll come back tomorrow.”

RANDY DE PUNIET (14th – Power Electronics Aspar Team): “Finally a day with some good news! Today we made abig step forward and I’m pleased because we’ve found some solutions to issueswhich were holding us back. I’ve also reduced the gap to Aleix, from over asecond to five tenth, with the adjustments we’ve made especially to the frontend. That gives me more confidence on the bike but I still need to try a fewmore things before the race in warm up, continuing on the same path as today. Aleixlooks really strong here at this first GP but with today’s improvements maybewe can challenge him as top CRT.”

LUKAS PESEK (15th – CAME Iodaracing): “I think I was faster than we expected. I’ve been on a good group for a couple of laps, I went at once strong and that’s what really matters. The strange and amazing thing for me is that I finished among the top three CRT ever in these qualifications. I’m really happy to be able to achieve this result. Tomorrow we must see how the race will be for me. I race here with the 125 but with the MotoGP is all another thing, it is as if it were another track. “

KAREL ABRAHAM (18th – Cardion AB Motoracing): “Yesterday I said that it would be hard to be cut one second from Friday lap time. We did it, but we needed to be even faster and cut another half second gap. We must decide which tyres to use in tomorrow warm-up. We´re not sure if the soft can make whole race, so we must check if I can make good lap time on hard. It won´t be easy race, but I believe that we can fight for points.”

COLIN EDWARDS (19th – NGM Mobile Forward Racing): “We made a little change to the bike today for the qualifying; we kind of came back to what we had but wasn’t the golden piece and because we have no major dramas with the electronics since we kind of found something that works, so we didn’t try to do anything too crazy today, kind of stick to what we’ve got. We went out to qualify and went four tenths faster than I had gone all weekend, I am excited for the race tomorrow. The new qualifying system was pretty cool, instead of sitting around for an hour it was down to business; you only had a certain amount of time and it was done. I enjoyed that. As far as where we qualified today, it doesn’t look good but that is all we had today so we will have to wake up bright and early and wait for the race and get on the gas.”

DANILO PETRUCCI (20th – CAME Iodaracing): “First of I have to get in habit of the new system of qualification then I’m not the type of driver used to use the trails as is common to do in the smaller categories, especially I have not found anyone on the track to attack in 15 minutes. We had planned to do a good ride with the soft tire, but I made a mistake and I threw this opportunity, in the second run, instead I did two laps alone that made me realize that good or bad my time is not too far from the other CRT. “

CLAUDIO CORTI (21st – NGM Mobile Forward Racing): “I am pretty happy even if the lap times are not incredibly fast because the feeling with the bike has improved. We have been able to make the bike easier to ride and in terms of the race that means that it will be easier to maintain a good race pace. I could have improved of a few tenths the lap times since I realized that during my fast lap I made a few mistakes. Yesterday we found ourselves having a few problems after the free practices but we managed to overcome them in time for tomorrow’s race. I hope to have a good start and a good race; I want to get close to Colin and the other FTRs. We can’t let our guard down and we have to double our efforts. We will see what the result is after they wave the checkered flag tomorrow!”

BRYAN STARIN (23rd – Go&Fun Honda Gresini): “I am satisfied tonight because I feel I am slowly getting to grips a MotoGP bike,” the 25-year-old began. “My position on the grid isn’t the best but, for me, it was important to go into the race having taken some steps to further improve my feeling with this bike – and we did that. I feel more relaxed today and I am sure we can start to make some real progress soon; unfortunately it takes time but I have a very supportive team.”


The timesheets:

1 – Jorge LORENZO – Yamaha Factory Racing – Yamaha – 1’54.714
2 – Cal CRUTCHLOW – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – Yamaha – 1’54.916
3 – Dani PEDROSA – Repsol Honda Team – Honda – 1’55.151
4 – Andrea DOVIZIOSO – Ducati Team – Ducati – 1’55.160
5 – Stefan BRADL – LCR Honda MotoGP – Honda – 1’55.477
6 – Marc MARQUEZ – Repsol Honda Team – Honda – 1’55.645
7 – Valentino ROSSI – Yamaha Factory Racing – Yamaha – 1’55.711
8 – Alvaro BAUTISTA – GO&FUN Honda Gresini – Honda – 1’55.870
9 – Bradley SMITH – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – Yamaha – 1’56.315
10 – Andrea IANNONE – Energy T.I. Pramac Racing – Ducati – 1’56.523
11 – Nicky HAYDEN – Ducati Team – Ducati – 1’56.667
12 – Aleix ESPARGARO – Power Electronics Aspar – ART – 1’57.064
13 – Ben SPIES – Ignite Pramac Racing – Ducati – 1’57.440
14 – Randy DE PUNIET – Power Electronics Aspar – ART – 1’57.551
15 – Lukas PESEK – Came IodaRacing Project – Ioda/Suter – 1’57.926
16 – Yonny HERNANDEZ – Paul Bird Motorsport – ART – 1’58.058
17 – Hiroshi AOYAMA – Avintia Blusens – FTR – 1’58.263
18 – Karel ABRAHAM – Cardion AB Motoracing – ART – 1’58.271
19 – Colin EDWARDS – NGM Mobile Forward Racing – FTR/Kawasaki – 1’58.361
20 – Danilo PETRUCCI – Came IodaRacing Project – Ioda/Suter – 1’58.486
21 – Claudio CORTI – NGM Mobile Forward Racing – FTR/Kawasaki – 1’58.755
22 – Hector BARBERA – Avintia Blusens FTR – 1’58.806
23 – Bryan STARING – GO&FUN Honda Gresini – FTR/Honda – 1’58.912
24 – Michael LAVERTY – Paul Bird Motorsport – PBM -1’59.572



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