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La primera cita de la temporada 2013, el Gran Premio de Qatar, que se ha disputado este fin de semana en Losail, se avecinaba, una vez más, como sus anteriores temporadas, con dos disputadas y combatidas carreras de las categorías pequeñas, Moto3 y Moto2, y algún que otro duelo en MotoGP. Pero por sorpresa, al menos para mí, fue la categoría reina la que se llevó todos los elogios, pues sinceramente, hacía mucho tiempo que no disfrutaba tanto viendo en carrera las motos de 1000cc. Y no fue por lo juntos que rodaron los pilotos, que no fue el caso, sino por las diferentes peleas que hubo en varios grupos. Estas son algunas reflexiones post GP:

KTM muestra su superioridad en pista. Durante toda la pre-temporada, las motos KTM han demostrado que están un paso, o dos, por delante del resto de rivales, como Honda o Mahindra, hecho que la fábrica austriaca corroboró en Qatar. A parte de dominar todas las sesiones de entrenamientos, en carrera, ocho de sus motos terminaron dentro del top ten, y también conquistaron el podio al completo. Los tres claros aspirantes a la victoria eran Luis Salom, Maverick Viñales y Álex Rins que son, a día de hoy, las principales bazas de KTM para conquistar el título mundial. Tras una carrera más o menos tranquila, estos tres pilotos estuvieron luchando en el grupo de cabeza, alternándose, alguna que otra vez, el liderato, hasta que en la última vuelta Salom lanzó su ataque para conquistar la primera victoria de la temporada. Viñales quedó segundo con solo 0’006 milésimas de ventaja sobre Rins. Leer entrada completa…


JORGE LORENZO (1st – Yamaha Factory Racing): “Half an hour before the race I felt a little bit nervous so I had to really concentrate and relax on the grid. I knew it was going to be difficult to open a gap but I had to try. I made a good start and pushed more than 100%. In the beginning it was hard to open the gap as Pedrosa didn’t want to let me get away, he tried to stay with me but after six or seven laps I opened the gap which made me more confident to keep my pace. I’m very happy for Yamaha and happy for Valentino as he has now passed two difficult years.”

VALENTINO ROSSI (2nd – Yamaha Factory Racing): “I’m more than happy, very happy indeed because it was my dream to come back with Yamaha. To arrive on the podium at the first race was my target from November and I put all my effort to arrive at the maximum here. It was a difficult weekend, especially yesterday in qualifying, but I knew I had great pace so I tried to recover in the beginning but I made a mistake and I lost time. I had to do a great second part of the race and step by step I came close to my podium. In the end there was a great battle, especially with Marc for the second place. I’m so happy for me, for my team, for my friends and all my fans who stay with me through two difficult years and also for Yamaha, to start the season with first and second place is not so bad!”

MARC MARQUEZ (3rd – Repsol Honda): “To tell the truth, I was pretty nervous on the grid because it was my first MotoGP race. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous before. I found it hard to keep calm and I wasn’t as focused as in Moto2. However, I regained my concentration at the last moment. The start was important and we knew that we were taking off from the dirty part of the track. I didn’t get off well, but I was able to attack on the opening laps and overtake many riders – I think that was the key. When I rode behind Dani I learnt a lot, also later on with Valentino. Fighting against him is always nice to watch, but it’s always tough at the same time. Valentino was a tough rival to overtake on the final laps. He beat us this time, but we hope to learn from him and from everyone who went faster than us.”

DANI PEDROSA (4th – Repsol Honda): “Today’s race was good, in part.I rode strongly and at a good level, although I had to slide around a lot during the entire race to combat a lack of rear grip. I saw from the opening lap that Lorenzo was going much faster and I tried to keep my position, because I knew that on the corners the traction issue came into play. I tried as hard as I could to keep my position, but then Rossi came through at a blistering pace and, to tell the truth, I couldn’t stop him – he went straight through. I did all that I could, but it wasn’t enough. Maybe there was a setup issue with the rear, because I had problems with it all weekend and we didn’t have enough grip tonight. I was off the podium in the end, which is a shame considering we had some good pre-season tests and that the setup was good in those. For some reason, it just didn’t work for us tonight.”

CAL CRUTCHLOW (5th – Monster Yamaha Tech 3): “It’s positive to finally kick of the Championship after a long winter, but to be honest after the way I had been performing in practice and qualifying, finishing fifth is a little bit frustrating. My pace was promising and I think I would have deserved to be on the podium, but it was clear to see that I was lacking a bit of speed on the straight. That meant I had to push hard to close the gap in the corners and if we can resolve that small issue I’ve no doubt I can have the possibility to really challenge the guys at the front. It was a good battle with Dani and Marc but I just get close enough to them to try and make a pass, but credit to Valentino because I was over three seconds clear of him and he caught and passed me. He rode awesome but so did Jorge, who proved yet again that he is going to be the man to beat. It was a great nig ht for Yamaha but also for the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Team because I showed that I can battle for the podium. The top four are the best riders on the best bikes but I pushed them as hard as I could until the small mistake stopped me. I’m best of the rest and that’s pleasing and hopefully I can be up there again in Austin.”

ÁLVARO BAUTISTA (6th- Go&Fun Honda Gresini): “We have had the same problems in the race that we had in practice. I tried to push hard at the start and stay with the lead group but I didn’t have the feeling or stability under braking. I stayed with them for a while but I was taking too many risks so I just had to try and make it to the end and defend my position. We’re hopeful that the problems we have had here, which were also the same problems as last year, are down to the track conditions and won’t be as bad in the coming races. We will keep working but I am happy with the job the team is doing and I expect us to make big progress in Texas.”

ANDREA DIVIZIOSO (7th – Ducati Team): “Before coming here, this is about the best result we could have hoped for. It’s true that we had hoped to do better following the exceptional qualifying session, but this is the reality. Races are different than practice, and I knew that. In fact, I was really curious to see how I’d go in the race. Doing a race weekend is an important experience, so we go on from here. We knew there were limits, but in my opinion we couldn’t have done any better. We improved on the times from last year, so that’s positive. Still, of course we always want to do better, so we don’t go home happy.”

NICKY HAYDEN (8th – Ducati Team): “We knew it was going to be difficult. We made a little improvement in the warm-up session, and I felt a bit better. I have to give credit to my guys because we made one more change before the race, and my bike was better than it’s been since we got here. I did my best time of the weekend by two tenths and basically ran at my qualifying pace for the first part of the race. I worked really hard to close that gap and get onto that little group in front of me, and things started feeling better. It would have been nice to pick up one more spot, but I couldn’t get past Dovi because he was better than I was on the brakes.”

ANDREA IANNONE (9th – Energy T.I. Pramac Racing Team): “It was really difficult with my arm. We tried injections because that was probably the only way to relieve the pain, but after just four laps I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m sorry because I thought I could have stayed with Nicky for a bit longer, but I realized that I couldn’t manage it. I also began losing grip pretty early, after just six laps. I had tried to change the bike settings to see if the situation would improve, but it didn’t happen, so I just raced in pain. I’m satisfied though, as we’re in the top ten, and we’ll see if we can close the gap in the future.”

BEN SPIES – (10th – Ignite Pramac Racing Team): “It was the best tenth place I’ve ever had in my life. The race was good. We get off to a good start, but I knew I couldn’t run with a good pace for a long time. I was actually worried before the race, because after yesterday’s crash and straining my shoulder in practice, I didn’t think we’d be able to finish. Once I saw that the top ten wasn’t impossible, I just pushed as hard as I could, and I was able to make it. I just want to thank the guys for doing everything they could to make the bike easier to ride, and I was happy. We finished the first race, and that’s the most important.”

ALEIX ESPARAGARO (11th – Power Electronics Aspar Team): “Obviously we always want more, and we’ve een left wanting more tonight. We were hoping to fight against some of the MotoGP riders. The thing that made that so tough was that we CRT riders lose a lot of distance on the straight and have to take risks on the corners. I took advantage of a mistake by Spies to pass him, then I pushed like crazy and I held on for a bit, but eventually he overtook me again at the end of the straight. Realistically, we have to be satisfied with our result. We have every reason to be very happy, at a circuit as long as this, with a finish just 49 seconds behind the winner. It is quite an achievement. Clearly, we have taken a huge step up from last season. We could not have started better here, and I am particularly pleased that we have solved a lot of our chattering problems. We leave here as leaders of the CRT standings,so it was ‘job done’.”

RANDY DE PUNIET (12th – Power Electronics Aspar Team): “If on Thursday, after the first practice session, I had been told that I would end the weekend as well as I did, then I would have been happy. Throughout the weekend, mainly yesterday, we improved our confidence issues with the front end. Today I had a good feeling during the first three parts of the race, I could stick with my teammate Aleix and, although he escaped slightly, I could reel him back in. However, with eight laps to go I started having problems with the left handers, as I just couldn’t turn into them. Later, with eight laps to go, I started to have chatter problems and lost almost two seconds per lap. It seemed like the air in take had come unstuck, which impeded me from turning the bars and led to a lot of bouncing. It’s a shame, as I could have stayed with Aleix throughout if not. We have to think positive, at least I was able to complete the race and was also the second best CRT rider. Despite this setback, we had a very consistent race.”

CLAUDIO CORTI (16th – NGM Mobile Forward Racing): “I made a really good start and was convinced of being able to have a race pace of 1´58. I was very motivated and determined to stay close to the Aprilias and fight with the other FTRs. Just after the start I managed to take some positions but my eagerness to be close to De Puniet caused me to go long on the first turn. While coming back in I must have damaged the front rim with the curb and caused me to have vibrations.A real shame because I was convinced of being able to have a good race. We had a few problems from the tenth lap, a problem that we have had throughout the winter and the time has come to solve it. We can do better; we have the potential both in terms of the bike and as a team. This is only the first race and we have already gotten really close to the points.”

LUKAS PESEK (18th – CAME Iodaracing): ”I’m not entirely happy with my race, but I’m not even disappointed. For me, this was the first race in MotoGP and it was important to finish it. So my target was to do it, but I yet to experience many things. Certainly this is not the position that suits me, I would get the goal is to get them to take some points. “

COLIN EDWARDS (Not classified – NGM Mobile Forward Racing): “We made a change just before the race, went a little bit harder on the front forks spring and the bike was fantastic. It did everything right tonight. I started the race feeling confident and tried to heat up the clutch to get it to slip and it didn’t slip at all so then I had to readjust and lost positions. The start was terrible, saw the guys in front of me and started to make some moves. I saw Barbera and Hernandez there and by the time that I got around they had pulled a little bit and managed to come back at them but with seven laps to go I had an issue in turn 10 and I shift down to fifth and it would come back to forth so I would have to shift again and it either broke the front sprocket. I was lucky the chain didn’t lockup the wheel. Thanks to my team, my bike felt good today,we were just unlucky.”

DANILO PETRUCCI (Not classified – CAME Iodaracing): ”What a shame I made a pretty good start and managed to engage the group of the best CRT’s. Then I was Struggling with Barberà, then trying to overtake Edwards I made a straight. When back in track, I started to push to recover, but the bike is turned off. I left the track, but the engine is not turned on. A real bad luck in the first race of the season. “

STEFAN BRADL (Not classified – LCR Honda): “Since the beginning of the race I was not enough confident with the front tyre feeling and I felt the same issue we suffered on Friday; probably even worse. We felt not so bad in the warm-up session as I was lapping consistently fast. Unfortunately in the race I could not push over the front and could not do anything to improve my pace. Rossi passed me and I was not capable to follow him because of this front issue as I was losing the front in every corner. Honestly I have not made any mistake so I can not explain exactly why I crashed. We will investigate checking the data together with my technicians”.

BRADLEY SMITH (Not classified – Monster Yamaha Tech 3): “It is frustrating to crash out of my first MotoGP race so early because I need to be gaining all the experience I can. We changed the bike for tonight and the bike was much better on corner entry. Unfortunately I lost the front at Turn 7 and I was down. I’d had a couple of warnings and I will know for the future that I am close to the limit when that happens. There are a lot more positives than negatives to come out of this weekend but I can’t deny it would have been great to start the year with a top 10 finish. We move onto the next race in Austin where the goal again will be to build up my experience and learn more about the bike.”

BRYAN STARING (Not classified – Go&Fun Honda Gresini): “I am disappointed because I didn’t want to finish my MotoGP debut in this way. We made progress throughout practice but then I ruined it all with a stupid crash. I am disappointed for myself and for the team, who have helped me out so much. Hopefully I can make up for it in America.”

KAREL ABRAHAM (Not classified – Cardion AB Motoracing): “I´m really pissed off. I did very good start and getting towards. I rode just behind Randy, entered the corner as usual but when I turned on the gas, I lost the front. It happened very fast and I don´t understand how. It happened really fast and I couldn´t do anything to save it.”

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1 – Jorge LORENZO – Yamaha Factory Racing – Yamaha (25)
2 – Valentino ROSSI – Yamaha Factory Racing – Yamaha (20)
3 – Marc MARQUEZ – Repsol Honda Team – Honda (16)
4 – Dani PEDROSA – Repsol Honda Team – Honda (13)
5 – Cal CRUTCHLOW – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – Yamaha (11)
6 – Alvaro BAUTISTA – GO&FUN Honda Gresini – Honda (10)
7 – Andrea DOVIZIOSO – Ducati Team – Ducati (9)
8 – Nicky HAYDEN – Ducati Team – Ducati (8)
9 – Andrea IANNONE ITA Energy T.I. Pramac Racing – Ducati (7)
10 – Ben SPIES USA Ignite Pramac Racing Ducati (6)
11 – Aleix ESPARGARO SPA Power Electronics Aspar ART (5)
12 – Randy DE PUNIET FRA Power Electronics Aspar ART (4)
13 – Hector BARBERA SPA Avintia Blusens FTR (3)
14 – Yonny HERNANDEZ – Paul Bird Motorsport ART (2)
15 – Hiroshi AOYAMA – Avintia Blusens FTR (1)
16 – Claudio CORTI – NGM Mobile Forward Racing – FTR/Kawasaki
17 – Michael LAVERTY – Paul Bird Motorsport PBM
18 – Lukas PESEK – Came IodaRacing Project – Ioda/Suter

Colin EDWARDS – NGM Mobile Forward Racing – FTR/Kawasaki (DNF)
Danilo PETRUCCI – Came IodaRacing Project – Ioda/Suter (DNF)
Stefan BRADL – LCR Honda MotoGP – Honda (DNF)
Bradley SMITH – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – Yamaha (DNF)
Bryan STARING – GO&FUN Honda Gresini – FTR/Honda (DNF)
Karel ABRAHAM – Cardion AB Motoracing – ART (DNF)

JORGE LORENZO (1º – Yamaha Factory Racing): “Media hora antes de la Carrera estaba un poco nervioso, así que me he concentrado y relajado en la parrilla. Sabía que iba a ser difícil abrir distancia, pero lo he intentado. He hecho una buena salida y he apretado más del 100%. En el inicio ha sido duro abrir una brecha porque tenía pegado a Pedrosa, pero después de seis o siete vueltas he abierto distancia, la cual me ha dado más confianza para mantener mi ritmo. Estoy muy contento por Yamaha y también por Valentino porque ha vivido dos años difíciles”.

VALENTINO ROSSI (2º – Yamaha Factory Racing): “Estoy más que contento, reboso de felicidad porque volver a Yamaha era mi sueño. Estar en el podio en la primera carrera ha sido mi objetivo desde Noviembre y he puesto todo mi esfuerzo para llegar aquí al máximo. Ha sido un fin de semana difícil, sobre todo ayer en la sesión de clasificación, pero sabía que tenía un buen ritmo, por lo que he intentado recuperar desde el inicio pero he cometido un error y he perdido tiempo. He tenido que hacer una gran segunda parte de la Carrera, y paso a paso me he ido acercando al podio. Al final ha habido una gran batalla por la segunda posición, sobre todo con Marc. Estoy muy contento por mí, por mi equipo, por mis amigos y por todos mis fans que están conmigo a pesar de dos temporadas difíciles, y también por Yamaha. ¡Empezar la temporada con la primera y segunda posición no está nada mal!”. Leer entrada completa…

Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha Factory Racing) domina la carrera de principio a fin con victoria final, por delante de su compañero Valentino Rossi y de Marc Márquez (Repsol Honda), que logra su primer podio en MotoGP.

Tras darse el pistoletazo de salida, Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa y Andrea Dovizioso se han colocado como trío de cabeza, seguidos por el resto de la parrilla. Tras finalizar la primera vuelta, el mallorquín ya tenía una ventaja de más de medio segundo respecto al segundo clasificado, Dani Poderosa, mientras Cal Crutchlow escalaba hasta tercera posición. Valentino Rossi ha hecho tres intentos para rebasar a Andrea Dovizioso para colocarse cuarto, pero sin premio. Marc Márquez, Stefan Bradl, Álvaro Bautista, Nicky Hayden y Andrea Iannone cerraban las diez primeras posiciones.

Superados los primeros compases de la carrera, Jorge Lorenzo seguía en cabeza con ciertos metros de distancia respecto a su principales perseguidores, los pilotos del equipo ‘Repsol Honda’, Dani Pedrosa y Marc Márquez, y Cal Crutchlow. Tras una salida no muy buena, el rookie de Honda se ha colocado en posición de podio tras rebasar al británico, y con una clara intención de superar también a su compañero de box. Por detrás, Stefan Bradl lideraba el segundo grupo, defendiendo la sexta posición con Valentino Rossi, Andrea Dovizioso, Álvaro Bautista, Nicky Hayden y Andrea Iannone. Por su parte, Randy De Puniet era el mejor piloto CRT en pista, ocupando la duodécima posición.

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Primera victoria de la temporada para Pol Espargaró (Tuenti HP 40). Scott Redding (Marc VDS Racing) y Takaaki Nakagami (Italtrans Racing) terminan segundo y tercero respectivamente.

La carrera de Moto2 ha empezado con problemas para Mike Di Meglio, cuando instantes previos a la vuelta de formación ha tenido problemas con su Motobi, obligándole a salir desde el ‘pit lane’.

Gran salida de Takaaki Nakagami desde la segunda posición colocándose en cabeza seguido de todo el pelotón, con Pol Espargaró y Scott Redding como rivales más cercanos, los cuales parecía que ya empezaban a ganar unos metros respecto al resto de pilotos. Los siguientes clasificados eran Dominique Aegerter y Tito Rabat, luchando por la cuarta posición, mientras Simone Corsi lideraba el numeroso siguiente grupo de pilotos.

Unas vueltas después, Takaaki Nakagami aumentaba el ritmo, lo que le ha permitido ganar unos metros de ventaja sobre Pol Espargaró y Scott Redding. El británico ha visto muy bien la intención del japonés, por lo que curvas después adelantaría al piloto del ‘Tuenti HP 40’ para dar caza a Takaaki Nakagami. Por detrás, Tito Rabat y Dominique Aegerter veían como se les unía el tercer grupo en la lucha por la cuarta posición, un total de quince pilotos, aunque en algunos sectores del circuito se abría alguna brecha entre ellos. Leer entrada completa…

Luis Salom (Red Bull KTM Ajo) se adjudica la primera victoria de la temporada, por delante de Maverick Viñales (Calvo Team) y Álex Rins (Estrella Galicia 0’0).

Tras apagarse el semáforo rojo, el ‘polerman’ Luis Salom se ha colocado en cabeza, aunque pronto se vería superado por Álex Rins, que partía tercero, quienes junto con Maverick Viñales y Jonas Folger formaban un primer cuarteto, pero no muy distantes del resto de pilotos perseguidores.

Una vez superados los primeros compases de carrera, el segundo pelotón se ha unido al grupo de cabeza, formando un total de ocho pilotos, con Álex Rins en primera posición y seguido de Maverick Viñales, Luis Salom, Jonas Folger, Álex Márquez, Miguel Oliveira, Arthur Sissis y Efrén Vázquez. Más atrás, Jakub Kornfeil y Zulfahmi Khairuddin cerraban las diez primeras posiciones.

A quince vueltas para el final la carrera seguía sin cambios destacables, aunque poco a poco Álex Rins, que lideraba la prueba, aumentaba el ritmo con intención de abrir un pequeño hueco respecto a sus perseguidores, pero Luis Salom, segundo, seguía muy bien la estela del piloto del Estrella Galicia 0’0. Inmediatamente por detrás, Maverick Viñales, Jonas Folger y Álex Márquez luchaban por la tercera posición, situación que podría beneficiar la escapada de los dos pilotos de cabeza. Unas décimas más atrás, Miguel Oliveira y Arthur Sissis cerraban este primer grupo de carrera, teniendo en su haber una ventaja de 3 segundos respecto a al segundo grupo que encabezaba Zulfahmi Khairuddin.

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JORGE LORENZO (1st – Yamaha Factory Racing): “I’m really happy, for three or four laps we pushed to the limit. I knew Cal was really fast over one lap so I had to push to the maximum. I’m very happy with this pole position. The important thing is that the Yamaha works here at this track. I think for the first time of the new qualifying format it has been very positive and for the fans it is very good to watch. For the riders you are a little more nervous and you have less time to make a fast lap. I knew I was competitive but the ten minutes before the qualifying we had some problems with the set-up of the bike so it was more difficult to make the time. We had to change to yesterday’s setting. The important thing is to make a good start tomorrow. The last simulations I made were better than yesterday so I’m quite confident for the start. If there are problems in the first laps we have to be patient and wait for the middle of the race.”

CAL CRUTCHLOW (2nd – Monster Yamha Tech 3): “It is a very positive way to be starting the first race from the front row of the grid and thanks to my Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Team because I had a great bike underneath me tonight. I was confident going into QP2 of being able to challenge for the front row because I was fastest in FP4 and the bike felt like it was working really well. I must admit the15-minute format is really exciting and I think it is great for the Championship and for the fans. I’d have liked it to have been only 10 minutes long because that would have put me on pole position! But credit to Jorge because he pulled a brilliant time out of the bag, though I am really satisfied because starting from the front row is always important. It is going to be a very difficult race but I am ready for it. I think there are six of us that can be fighting for the podium and I will cer tainly be giving it my all to make sure I am one of them.” Read more…