II MotoGP Test at Sepang (1st day): The riders’ statements

Publicado: 26 febrero, 2013 en MotoGP World Championship (english)
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DANI PEDROSA (1st – Repsol Honda): “We tested a few things on the suspension and also engine mapping. It was harder at the beginning because the track was a little dirty – I guess from yesterday and beforehand when we had heavy rain. But, bit by bit, the track was improving so I guess from tomorrow we should be able to continue with the same things: the suspension and the mapping for corner entry, that’s basically our plan. Hopefully we will also get a long run in.”

JORGE LORENZO (2nd – Yamaha Factory Racing): “We didn’t try any special items today, but just try to improve our current settings and make some modifications. We need to improve the acceleration a little bit, but there’s no new pieces for the moment. The difference from the first Sepang test is that the rain over the last few days has left the tarmac in a much worse condition.”

MARC MARQUEZ (3rd – Repsol Honda): “I’d done a lot of laps on that set of tyres and then got to the slowest corner on the circuit. It was quite strange because I started to loose the front, but it made it look like the bike had actually stopped! I fell off the bike, picked it up and continued…, so I only lost about ten seconds. It was quite strange!”

STEFAN BRADL (4th – LCR Honda): “Actually the track conditions were worse than the first test so today’s lap time is not as good as my first outing here. Due to the slippery surface it took me a while to get a proper confidence and a proper speed but we were able to put in many laps trying out some braking system components and geometry settings. Around 3pm it started to rain so I had a couple of laps in the wet aboard the 2013 machine for the first time and the verdict was quite positive.”

VALENTINO ROSSI (5th – Yamaha Factory Racing): “Unfortunately we had less than half a day. We started at ten o’clock and had something to do, but then we had a small problem with the engine on the new chassis we’re working on. So we had to stop that bike and continue with my old bike but I’m quite happy because my pace wasn’t too bad, even on the 2012 bike. But because of the rain the afternoon was useless, so it’s a pity because it’s boring and we can’t do anything.”

CAL CRUTCHLOW (6th – Monster Yamaha Tech 3): “I’m happy enough with today because all you could do was ride around to the grip that was available. This morning the track condition wasn’t good at all. It was greasy and the heat was just making it worse and you can see the lap times are a fair way off what we were doing here only recently. I was 1.5s off my best time from the first test and Pedrosa was abo ut the same. Once I got to my best lap time today I pretty much stayed at that pace for the rest of the day because the grip wasn’t there. There were a few crashes and it was obvious that we’d got used to the grip that we had at the last test but it wasn’t there and when people started to push they crashed.”

ALVARO BAUTISTA (7th – Go&Fun Honda Gresini): “It was vitally important for us to get back on track so soon after the last test so that we can verify the work we did here three weeks ago and make the necessary changes over these next couple of days here in Malaysia. Unfortunately the weather didn’t allow us much track time but in the [32] laps that we did we managed to make some important alterations to the geometry of the bike and suspension. We did a few laps in the wet too just to get some data for those conditions.”

ANDREA DOVIZIOSO (8th – Ducati Team): “I’m pretty satisfied with today. My feeling with the bike has improved, and now I know it better than I did two weeks ago here at Sepang. Today we did tests with the electronics, and we also made a comparison between two bikes with different configurations—one had a different fuel tank and weight distribution—but we didn’t have much time. It was nothing too major, but it was a positive step. I used just one set of tyres, so all things considered, the gap to the top is acceptable. That said, we still have to work hard on corner entry and corner speed.”

NICKY HAYDEN (9th – Ducati Team): “It’s good to be back to work in Malaysia. This morning we lost a bit of time sorting out some electronics mapping, but then we were able to do some good riding. Ducati brought a couple of things to try, mainly some changes to weight distribution, which helped make the bike a little nimbler on change of direction. Also, I’m able to brake better with the same amount of pressure on the lever. We still need to work on it, but anyway, it’s an improvement. With the weather, we obviously didn’t get a full a day with a dry track, but it was important for me to ride in the wet. We know the gap to the front is still too big, but we’re slowly making progress, and hopefully we can reduce it further over the next two days.”

BRADLEY SMITH (10th – Monster Yamaha Tech 3): “This morning was another good learning process for me because the track condition was completely different to the first test. It was dirty and slippery and it meant that I had to ride smoothly, which is how I need to be riding this bike all of the time. I’ve been a little too aggressive but in those conditions I had to ride the bike in a completely different way. The crash was another part of the learning process too. I’d had a couple of warnings in the previous two laps but I kind of shrugged them off because I’m not sure what the limit is. Now I know the limit although a crash is never ideal. I’d done all my laps on the same set of tyres and now I know what the warning signs are I’ll be better prepared in the future.”

ALEIX ESPARGARO (12th – Power Electronics Aspar Team): “There has been a lot of rain in the days leading up to this test and yesterday there were a lot of cars on track so I guess that’s why the surface was so slippery today. You can see from the lap times that the conditions were not optimum but we focused our work today on comparing this year’s bike with last year’s. Unfortunately we didn’t get through our full schedule because of the rain.”

RANDY DE PUNIET (18th – Power Electronics Aspar Team): “Compared to the last test the track was vetry dirty today and there was very little grip. We did a couple of runs on the base setting we found in the last test and tried to iron out the front end chatter we had encountered. We had two different settings to try but it was difficult to draw any real conclusions because of the state of the track surface. We stopped for a little break halfway through the session and that’s when it started raining so we couldn’t carry on.

DANILO PETRUCCI (21st – CAME Iodaracing): “Today we have worked a lot on the new ECU trying to find a good setting with wich we will start tomorrow with my new IODA-SUTER BMW 2013. The conditions of the track were bad, none has improved his lap time compared to the last test, and so we have decided to use just one set of tyres, then it started to rain and the day was finished earlier. I hope in good conditions for the next days, in this way we can continue to develope the new ECU and the 2013 chassis and trying to improve my best lap of the last test.”

KAREL ABRAHAM (22nd – Cardion AB Motoracing): “Initially everything was running due to a plan, I rode well and first laps were pointing towards good result. Unfortunately, in one very well performed lap I fell down. Nothing happened to me, but I didn´t finish that lap and following motorcycle repair took some time. When I re-joined the track, there was a massive shower. Than the track was drying up and has started to rain again. Under such a bad conditions there was no chance to achieve some better result. Meantime we are still using the older engine, it looks that the better one we´re gonna test maybe the last day.“

BRYAN STARING (26th – Go&Fun Honda Gresini): “For me it was important to get back here and complete some more laps as I continue my adaptation to MotoGP.  It’s really nice to be back at Sepang after just three weeks and I have spent the day trying to get a better feeling for the bike and learning more about this category. Lap by lap we are getting there and the team are helping out by improving the set-up of the bike. Unfortunately we couldn’t get many laps done before the rain came but we got some important things done that set us up for tomorrow.”

LUKAS PESEK (27th – CAME Iodaracing): “Today I was focused on finding a good feeling with my bike, but we couldn’t do many laps because of the rain. My target is to make many kilometres as possible with my IODA-SUTER BMW to improve my feeling with it, to understand its reactions and to find the best base on wich work during the season.”

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