MotoGP Test at Sepang (3rd day): The riders statements

Publicado: 7 febrero, 2013 en MotoGP World Championship (english)
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DANI PEDROSA (1st – Repsol Honda):We can leave Sepang with a good feeling, because we had good lap times on all three days. We were able to put in a lot of laps and, above all, try out some important things with the engine and the bike weight to adjust to the three kilos more for this season – dictated by the new rules. Today we focused on rear tyres, in particular the new Bridgestone hard compound. It is similar to the old one with a little more grip in some areas, but it also creates more chatter. We finished the test well and hope to continue like this in the following ones.

JORGE LORENZO (2nd – Yamaha Factory Racing):I think these three days have been positive for us. We tried many things and some of them were good. We need to reconfirm again in another track but here we were able to improve a little bit. I was able to make a simulation this afternoon, the first one I’ve done in Sepang in my GP career. I felt strong physically, mentally and riding so it was good. The other riders are also really strong so it promises to be an interesting season.

VALENTINO ROSSI (3rd – Yamaha Factory Racing):I’m very happy, all three days were very good. We worked hard on the bike and improved day by day. The third day was the best, we were able to stay less than half a second from pole position and the lap time is higher which is interesting. Today we finished third in the standings which is theoretically the front row so I’m very happy with this first test.

MARC MARQUEZ (4th – Repsol Honda):I am very happy with the results that we have had from these three days, above all because I gradually got more consistent with my times. This was what we were looking for from this test. Day by day we improved our times, but this is secondary really. The important thing is that we made our first race simulation, which has helped me to understand the class and the bike better and his given us a lot of information for the next test. We also had a first crash, which luckily was fairly light. I lost the front on the brakes, but I was unhurt and the overall verdict on the test is still very positive.

CAL CRUTCHLOW (5th – Monster Yamaha Tech 3):It has been a very positive week and I am where I expected to be and that’s right behind the top four factory bikes. I can’t really ask for more than that and I’m pleased with my lap times because my bike is almost identical to the bike I rode last year. Today I was doing a lot of laps on old tyres and trying to stay consistent and I’ve improved. I also feel like I’ve made good progress in improving on the brakes, so it has been a productive test and good to be back on track after the winter break. I’ve built up my confidence each day but it is obvious that 2013 is going to be incredibly tough. There is some amazing talent on really good machinery but I am really looking forward to it. I’ll be ready to give it 100% as always and come the first race in Qatar I’ll be ready to challenge. Credit to Bradley as well because he has done a fantastic job this week. This was his first proper test in MotoGP and he has got faster and more confident each day. I have been very impressed with him and it is going to be good being his teammate this season.

STEFAN BRADL (6th – LCR Honda):The result of these three days of work is quite good for me. I think we have completed our job gathering more data ahead the next test here. Even today I was working on a raft of things from traction control, to suspension and brakes and Bridgestone gave us a new rear hard tyre to test. At the end I run the circuit 43 times growing my confidence on this bike. There’s more work to do before the first race of the season but we leave Sepang with a good base.

ALVARO BAUTISTA (7 th – Go&Fun Honda Gresini):The intense heat that we’ve had over the past few days ended up making it considerably harder work out on track. That didn’t affect our schedule, however, and we continued with the job of setting up the Showa suspension. We are making progress, but we still have a lot of work to do and our aim remains to have everything ready for the season start in Qatar. We have gathered a lot of data that we will use at the next test here in Sepang at the end of the month.

BRADLEY SMITH (8th – Monster Yamaha Tech 3):I am really happy with the way this test has gone and my lap times and final position have already given me a lot of confidence. I didn’t come here with any expectations but to be eighth is where this bike needs to be. I am still not getting all of the potential out of the YZR-M1 but I am gaining in confidence with every lap I complete and it has been mission accomplished in terms of coming here and understanding how the bike needs to be ridden. I still need to be a lot smoother but I am happy to be within two seconds of the fastest time. I knew that was possible but the hard work starts now to close that gap even more. The race simulation was amazing to build up my experience but it was seriously hard work. It was the hottest day and it is very physically and mentally demanding to ride a MotoGP bike at that pace over a long distance. It is hard to concentrate but the best thing was on the last lap I did a 2.02.9 and my best lap was a 2.02.5. So I was consistent and while I need to be faster, I’m really happy to be leaving this test having learned so much. I need a good sleep now to digest all the information I’ve taken on but already I can’t wait to be back on the bike here later this month.

NICKY HAYDEN (9th – Ducati Team):We obviously can’t be happy when our times are that far off of the top guys, but we knew it was going to be tough. Sepang has never been a particularly good track for Ducati: we raced here in October, and the bike hasn’t changed much since then. We found a couple little things over the course of the test, which allowed us to improve our consistency on day three, but I think we need something big. Anyway, it was nice to be back on the bike and working with the guys. The team has worked extremely hard, and we just have to stay motivated and keep giving them the right information so that we can hopefully start making some real progress soon.

ANDREA DOVIZIOSO (10th – Ducati Team):Yes, it was a difficult test but we didn’t expect it to be any different. We’re here to improve the situation and everybody knows the level we are now so we have to improve. We tested as much stuff as we could, because we’re focused on improving the bike. The gap to the others is big, and we pushed a lot to understand the bike. I gave a lot of feedback, maybe too much! We don’t know how the next test in Sepang will be. There’s too short a time between now and then, so it’s difficult to do something big in this time. We still have to decide which parts we can bring to the second test. Unfortunately, we need time to try something big.

ALEIX ESPARGARO (12th – Power Electronics Aspar Team):I am very happy. The new chassis works perfectly and we took a step forward today. It was very hot today and this morning I matched my best times from yesterday straight away. It is hard to ride fast when it is so hot. I didn’t do my best lap until 1pm. I have only put in around 70 laps with this bike and the feeling is excellent, which has given us such a fast pace. We have to be satisfied with our best lap today, because it was an improvement on my qualifying time from last year. It is also the best CRT time by some way, and not too far off the MotoGP bikes. We have started the year very well, but we have to continue working and the next test will see us using the old bike to compare again.

ANDREA IANNONE (13th – Pramac Racing):I am satisfied after these three days of testing even if the gap to the first is still big, however, it is not my goal now. I am focused on learning and improving as much as possible, and we are succeeding. I am happy because I have a good feeling with the team and we are working hard. I would be faster but I know that it is too early, but I am confident“.

RANDY DE PUNIET (16th – Power Electronics Aspar Team):The test was going very well up until today. We had found a few things with the new chassis that we liked, but today we lost our way a little. I don’t know if it’s down to the rise in temperature, but today there was much more front end chatter than on previous days. We tried lots of things, but none really convinced us. Besides today, we have a lot of information from these three days to look over, so over the next fortnight we will analyse it in detail so that we can come back to Sepang at the end of the month with solutions.

DANILO PETRUCCI (20th -CAME Iodaracing): “Today we have focused our work on the development of the new ECU, but the rain has ruined in part our plans. At the end of this five days I’m quite happy, the new arrival was the Magneti Marelli ECU that, after some little problem at the beginning, showed to have a good potential and from the next test we will see great improvements. In two weeks we will come here again and we will have the IODA-SUTER 2013 with a new chassis developed also with datas collected in these days”.

KAREL ABRAHAM (21st – Cardion AB Motoracing):I was able to improve my best lap time and get it under 2:05. Another positive moment is that I can do my best laps constantly. Obviously I expected to be faster. Especially in the last half-hour I felt really good and it’s pity that I wasn’t able to improve the best lap time. However I really like the bike and I hope that we found a good set up in the end, which can be a perfect starting point for next tests.

LUKAS PESEK (24th – CAME Iodaracing): “I’m quite happy today because we have improved a lot our lap time. I like very much my IODA-SUTER, I have a good feeling with it but I need to do more kilometres to understand it in a better way. I’m very happy to work again with my chief crew, the same of 125cc years, we have a good feeling and in this way it’s easy to work and improving faster. I want to say thank you to all the team for their great job and also to Giampiero Sacchi and Came for the great opportunity that they gave to me”.

BRYAN STARING (27 th – Go&Fun Honda Gresini):There is still a lot to learn, but I think that we are on the right track with the help of the guys on the team. They never put me in any difficulty and always have me trying out technical solutions, without distracting me too much from just adapting to this new style of riding. Sepang is definitely not the best circuit at which to make your debut, as it is so long and it is hard to learn all the lines. In any case, I am motivated. Today I improved my time from yesterday and I am convinced that very soon I can be competitive.”

BEN SPIES (He didn’t participate – Pramac Racing):The first two days on the bike were positive for not riding through for about three and half months. I think the test that we did was good for the first time on bike and actually the lap time was faster than I can expected to be, it was a good test to get back on the bike but the second day I just had a little bit too much pain on my shoulder to keep going on but I think we are going to have a sort of improvement and we will come back in the same track here in three weeks and I hope to feel a lot better.”

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