MOTOGP TEST – CHESTE (VALENCIA): Statements of the MotoGP riders

Publicado: 14 noviembre, 2012 en MotoGP World Championship (english)
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DANI PEDROSA (1’32”322 – Repsol Honda):In the end we were lucky because after almost two days doing nothing due to the bad weather we were able to go out on track for two hours and do the basic work we needed to do to have the first feelings on the new bike. It’s been a useful test for me; I started with the bike I raced on Sunday and then switched to next year’s bike. It’s basically the same but with more weight to adapt it to the new regulation for 2013. We had pretty good feedback and now the engineers will check the data and analyse if we need to move something on the bike to better adapt to the extra weight – I could feel it on braking and also on the straight. Now it’s time to relax a little after a strong season and be fresh and ready to start working again in Fe bruary at Sepang, which will be the first test in 2013. It’s always good to finish the year and the test in front, but even more to know that everything works well and what we need to do to improve a bike that has finished at a very good level in order to start the next season strongly“.

CAL CRUTCHLOW (1’32”671 – Monster Yamaha Tech 3):It was good to finally get out on track after a frustrating first day. I thought today was going to be the same but the track finally dried and I could go out. I only did 28-laps but I was able to gather some information for Yamaha on a couple of set-up options and it was nice just to get back out and do some good laps. I didn’t w ant my last memory of 2012 to be crashing out of second in the race on Sunday, so now I can go into the winter in a positive frame of mind. I’m happy too because I could check my left hand that I injured in the race. I have a small fracture on an old injury but it didn’t feel too bad. Now I am looking forward to a good winter break, training hard and being ready to see what Yamaha brings out for 2013 in Sepang next February“.

STEFAN BRADL (1’32”813 – LCR Honda):This morning we were waiting for some potential dry track time to evaluate some 2013 bike parts but it took a long time for the surface to dry out and at the end I could ride only in the last two hours. The conditions were still pretty bad with some patches along the track but the first impact with the overall package was good and this makes me very confident ahead the next winter tests in Sepang“.

NICKY HAYDEN (1’32”956 – Ducati Team):It looked like we might not be able to go out today, so I’m happy that we got to do some riding. That’s why you don’t give up and go home early! We didn’t make any huge gains or anything, but I got to test some things, and it was time well spent. I think the new frame helped improve the turning, and I also tried some things with the electronics, as well as a different suspension link that I had already tried earlier in the year. The track actually wasn’t bad, apart from a couple of wet patches. Anyway, it’s too early to draw any conclusions, but we look forward to the next test“.

ÁLVARO BAUTISTA (1’33″109 – Go & Fun Honda Gresini):Unfortunately we only had the last two hours of the day to try and get through what we needed to test and even though the track conditions weren’t perfect we were able to make some back-to-back comparisons with this year’s bike and a second version with some 2013 updates, which will be useful for the next test alongside the other Honda riders on 26-28 November. Overall we didn’t have much time but the work we did was worthwhile. We weren’t focused on the lap times because we had other things to worry about. For now I am satisfied and looking forward to the next test“.

ANDREA DOVIZIOSO (1’33”238 – Ducati Team):We only had about an hour and a half and it was pretty overcast, with wet patches, so the conditions were difficult for my first impression in the dry. It wasn’t the occasion to try lots of changes, so we weren’t able to set the bike up perfectly. Still, the lap time is quite good, and so is the feeling. Of course it’s always a big change to switch bikes, and it takes time to understand. Hopefully we’ll have good weather for the test in Jerez“.

MARC MÁRQUEZ (1’33”403 – Repsol Honda):I feel so happy! We waited the whole day for the track to dry so that we could finally try the bike, but it took such a long time. In the end I began to get impatient and the track was drying up so we decided to go out. In the beginning it was quite difficult but very nice to feel the power of the bike! I had a lot of wheelie on the straights but I gradually gained confidence on each exit and got faster and faster on every run. I tried to adapt my riding style from Moto2 because there was quite a big difference. There are many things to improve and try, the front tyre was also very different to what I’m used to but the main thing is that we have had good start and I have a very good feeling with the team.

BRADLEY SMITH (’34″538 – Monster Yamaha Tech 3):Today was a fantastic moment in my career and it is great to finally get chance to test the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 YZR-M1 bike. Today more than made up for yesterday’s disappointment when I couldn’t ride because of the weather and it actually worked out great for me because I rode in the wet and dry, and this is brilliant to help me build up my experience. Obviously the bike is completely different to anything I have ridden before, but it is an unbelievable machine. The power is incredible and in the dry when I came on the straight for the first time, I just had a huge smile. The level of technology is really impressive but I was able to consistently improve my time with every run and I am leaving very satisfied with my performance and confident in my potential for the future. Cal followed me for a couple of laps and gave me some tips and I really appreciate that. Cal had a fantastic season and I know I can learn a lot from him. I can go into the winter break now knowing what I need to work on in the future and I am glad we have plenty of testing ahead of us because there is so much to learn“.

HÉCTOR BARBERÁ (1’39″248 – Avintia Blusens):Clearly he weather was not on our side but I am happy with the work we have done though. These days we have ridden numerous laps in very small batches which enabled me to set everything up to my liking and discover a little more how the motorbike works. We have managed to set the basics for the season to come although we have to further investigate and compile information. The sensations were of course quite different from what I am used to but it’s positive because the bike is fun to ride the engine is surprisingly powerful and I think it’s got potential. Yesterday we worked with the engine brake and other aspects to try to understand the bike a little bit better. There are still a lot of things to be tried out and improved. Actually this is not the definitive bike so that’s why I think we are going to do a good job“.

COLIN EDWARDS (NGM Mobile Forward Racing):Yesterday we had terrible conditions and did 20 laps in the raining. The feeling is really good; I think I went a second and a half faster than this past weekend in the same conditions. It just feels more relaxed with a bigger bike, just the imputes on the bike make a difference. I am really happy and excited to collaborate with Marc Taylor from FTR, it’s going to be a good venture; I’m excited about it. The FTR guys are really keen. As far as the engine power, it feels good, good off the turns, it’s a different character but I think that as far as the race bike it’s the right character engine wise. I look forward to it“.

HIROSHI AOYAMA (Avintia Blusens):During the G.P we didn’t want to bring huge changes or make too many trials before the race. Yesterday we did the exact opposite and make drastic changes in order to trigger the “behaviour” we were looking for. I crashed twice in the course of the day but fortunately I was able to carry on working. As the day came to an end we obtained valuable information regarding the adjustments to be made in the wet and we made interesting conclusions. Today I was sort of achy from yesterday and I preferred to rest“.

CLAUDIO CORTI (NGM Mobile Forward Racing):It’s a real shame that is rained but considering that last weekend we had the same conditions, I was able to see the differences between the bikes that I have tested on Tuesday and the one I raced with this past weekend. Alsowork on getting a better feeling with the Bridgestone tires. This is only the first step; we have yet to get more laps in order to get more data to use for the next test. Generally speaking I am very happy because I have started to understand the differences between the three bikes I have tested these last few days“.

JORGE LORENZO (Test Aragón – Yamaha Factory Racing):For sure these last two days we’ve been unlucky with the weather and couldn’t practice for many laps. It was important to get practice here because we have things to try for the chassis and engine for the new season so we can give as much information as possible to the engineers so they can keep working over the winter in Japan. Now we will have to wait until the next opportunity“.

VALENTINO ROSSI (Test Aragón – Yamaha Factroy Racing):For Yamaha it was very important to run in the dry, but it was not possible. It’s a shame because I had a great desire to do a good test and try the bike in order to understand exactly what we needed for next year … Unfortunately we have to wait until February. [Joking about the change since he was last on the Yamaha in 2010] It has changed because it is a 1000 and has more power, the rest hasn’t changed“.

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