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RANDY DE PUNIET (1st – Power Electronics Aspar Team):This morning I felt very comfortable with the bike and even though the track was wet and the rear was moving around I could tell that the new surface has good grip. The bumps have been taken out and it is easier to ride. The track conditions this afternoon were mixed but we tried to get a feeling for the slicks in the damp. It was hard to tell where the circuit was wet and where it was dry because the tarmac is dark. Even so I felt comfortable and I am happy because we finished the session on top. It’s a shame we had an engine problem because it meant we had to finish four minutes early“.

MICHELE PIRRO (2nd – San Carlo Honda Gresini):We went a little better than usual in the wet this morning and then in the afternoon we went with slick tyres on the damp track and I managed to set the second fastest time. I actually would have gone faster if I didn’t get held up by Edwards on the last lap so I could have finished the day on top but this is good enough! No doubt the conditions will be different tomorrow but we will work hard towards our objective of finishing the season with a CRT victory”.

NICKY HAYDEN (3rd – Ducati Team):Things went really well in the wet this morning. Since we switched to the new frame, I haven’t had the same feeling in the wet as before, and it was clear after the wet race in Malaysia that we had to improve that. Today the team did a good job with a change to the rear, and I was able to go quite fast and had good feeling. It’s nice to have that back. This afternoon, the track was patchy, and I just went out for a couple of laps at the end. They did a really good job with the surface, which is a lot smoother than before. We know our bike does better on smoother tracks, but we still have to see what it’s like in the dry here. Tomorrow will be really busy because we’ll have to take advantage of every bit of dry time possible”.

KAREL ABRAHAM (4º Cardion AB Motoracing):The second session started one hour after light shower and the track was partly dry. But we couldn´t see it, because new tarmac on the track is very dark and we could only guess, if it´s dry or wet. We began on wet tyres as everyone, but it didn´t work. We must wait until the end of the session and we got back on the track only for some minutes. The track was partly dry, but I didn´t see it at all. After comparing our data I can see that I entered turn 1 very slowly, but that´s because I wasn´t sure that the tarmac is dry“.

VALENTINO ROSSI (5th – Ducati Team):They did a great job with the resurfacing of the track because many of the bumps are gone. Grip still isn’t fantastic, but that’s pretty normal, as it takes some time. Anyway, the first impression is generally good. In the water this morning, we weren’t ready with the setup, but we changed it and, in the few laps that I did at the beginning of the second session, I saw that it went much better. If it continues raining tomorrow, it would be interesting to continue working with that. Also, in the final minutes of the session, with the drying track and slick tyres, the feeling wasn’t bad, but I didn’t push too much because the conditions weren’t ideal. Tomorrow we’ll see what weather awaits us, and we’ll continue in this direction“.

ROBERTO ROLFO (8th – Speed Master):The conditions of today were very particular. I’m not that satisfied with the session of this morning, in the beginning I didn’t really have a good feeling, even if after completing a few laps we managed to improve. With these uncertain conditions it’s tough to understand our effective potencial on this track. In the afternoon, on the other hand, I had fun on track, when it started to dry up. Initially we put together a few laps to make some extra tests on rain tyres, whereas at the end of the session we used slick tyres, in order to have an basic idea of the situation, in case of good weather tomorrow. I’m quite happy with the second session, we were consistent in our choices and improvements. The times that were set today are still far from competitive ones for everyone, but at least we have some information for dry track“.

CAL CRUTCHLOW (12th – Monster Yamaha Tech 3):Today wasn’t a great day to be honest. I was looking forward to seeing how the new surface was in the dry but unfortunately the weather was a disaster. In this morning’s session I should have been a lot faster and higher than eighth but I sat in the box for the last 10 minutes when the times were improving. I went out at the start of this afternoon’s session but the conditions weren’t wet enough for rain tyres or dry enough for slicks, so it was best just to stop and not take any risks. Hopefully we can get more time on track tomorrow because I’m looking forward to finishing the season with a strong result“.

ÁLVARO BAUTISTA (13th – San Carlo Honda Gresini):This morning in the wet we found a good feeling with the bike from the start of the session to the end but in the afternoon we only managed three laps and the data will be of very little use for tomorrow. It’s a shame but it seems to have been a recurring theme this season“.

KATSUYUKI NAKASUGA (14th – Yamaha Factory Racing):Today the sessions were very strange with mixed weather. I had a small fall this morning and I’m very sorry for the extra work for my team to fix it. I was a little nervous but am much more relaxed now and hope to keep this mood for the weekend. Last year I finished sixth here in the race and I hope to improve on my performance this this Sunday“.

ALEIX ESPARGARÓ (15th – Power Electronics Aspar Team):I am happy with our work on the first day here at Valencia. I felt really comfortable on the wet track this morning and our hard work paid off with the sixth fastest time so we have to be happy with that. In the afternoon the track was dirty and neither wet nor dry so we weren’t going to gain anything from riding so I preferred not to. Hopefully the conditions improve tomorrow so that we can pick up from our positive start to the weekend this morning“.

DANI PEDROSA (16th – Repsol Honda):We didn’t have so much time on track today. We had our first experience on the new asphalt in the wet and it seems like there are still some bumps, the worst point is turn 1, but we must wait for dry conditions to be able to judge the grip level of the new surface properly. Today it was important to go out in the morning because the weather conditions are not clear and it’s possible that we may have rain on Sunday. In the afternoon we decided not to go out, so let’s hope we have at least one dry session tomorrow to better understand the changes in the circuit and work on the best setup for the race“.

JORGE LORENZO (18 th – Yamaha Factory Racing):Like a lot of times this year we’ve had quite an easy Friday with not so much training. In the morning we made a few laps but in the afternoon it was mixed so we decided not to take any risks. There is a new surface on the track and we need some time to test it, especially in the dry“.

ANDREA DOVIZIOSO (19th – Monster Yamaha Tech 3):This morning was a strange session because this is the first time we have used the new asphalt and it was difficult to make any judgement in the rain. It took me a while to get a good feeling but at the end of the session I was happy with my pace and I am sure we have plenty of margin to improve and be faster in those conditions. That’s very positive and important because the forecasts are predicting rain for Sunday. This afternoon it wasn’t worth going out and I am sorry for the fans though that didn’t get to see all of us on track today. I could have used slick tyres but the lap times would have been six or seven seconds off the pace and you learn nothing and waste a set of tyres”.

CASEY STONER (20th – Repsol Honda):I went out this morning to get a feeling on the wet track but I’m still not willing to risk anything, especially in a wet practice session. Then this afternoon there was no point in going out, it was half wet half dry the whole session and not a lot to learn. It’s a little bit disappointing but hopefully we can get some better weather tomorrow and see what the new surface is like in the dry“.

STEFAN BRADL (21st – LCR Honda):Actually it was not a very productive day for us because in this morning first outing the surface was wet and very slippery because of the new tarmac and it took me a while to get the right confidence on the bike. After some laps I was capable to ride as I normally do finding a good speed and a good rhythm. Unfortunately this afternoon the track conditions were pretty bad and I preferred to sit out the whole session but I am not worried about the situation because I know that our potential is higher than our actual position“.

COLIN EDWARDS (22nd – NGM Mobile Forward Raciong):Obviously we didn’t get that much work done today, conditions seem to be following us around with this mixed sessions with rain. This morning the bike felt pretty good, didn’t get enough laps in and this afternoon we were sitting around and waiting. We put tires in right at the end to get a couple laps to make sure that the bike was running. It was a day of sitting around, Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get better weather, either rain or shine it doesn’t matter, its about getting some track time in”.

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